Essay: Increase In Routine HIV Testing

Sample Essay on HIV Testing

There should be an increase in routine HIV testing of local communities in order to control the transmission of the epidemic.  For example, mother to child transmission can be fatal to both mother and child.  Funds from the United States are not enough to help the medical treatments expenses.

Thus, international support and alliances with abroad research and prevention organizations are needed to expand the resources and opportunity for more people to be treated. Moreover, majority of the African societies go through the stigma of discrimination and gender inequality.  Since many people are afraid to be treated for HIV/AIDS, there should be extensive counseling and ensure privacy for women and young females, thus, their cultural and cognitive beliefs will be undisturbed and safe. Health organizations roles include assisting people with HIV/AIDS infections and help them fight the social and psychological traumas associated with HIV/AIDS.

In conclusion, current public health organizations have inevitably failed to effectively decrease the number of infections or help to stop the spread of the epidemic.  The hospital HIV/AIDS management staff display bad working ethics, lack morality, and hospitals lack sufficient resources, which are critical factors in HIV infection risks. Drastic measures and immediate modification of these ineffective programs is needed.

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