Essay: People affected and statistics about bullying

10 Oct

Essay: People affected and statistics about bullying

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As already revealed that bullies cause much harm to their victims, it is evident that young people are the most affected by this vice. Studies have also revealed that minorities in the general society are also among the most vulnerable groups (Garrett, 2003, p.103). The incidences of bullying in schools have attracted a lot of attention with many sociologists seeking to establish the main triggers of this trends and try to discover possible and applicable measure aimed at mitigating it effects.

Bullying cases and statistics

Case I: School shootings

                An incident in Columbine High School, Colorado back in 1999 served as a major indicator of how serious bullying is. That year, two boys who had been identified by their teachers as very gifted armed themselves with a shotgun and pounded on fellow students killing 13 of them, wounded 24 others, and eventually committing suicide (High, 2011). This incident prompted the US government to carry out thorough investigations into this incident and many others that had been witnessed in the country. A year later, the US secret service revealed that 75 percent of the 37 school shootings were as a result of bullying related issues. In the US alone, it is estimated that 60-80 percent of school going children are bullied at school. These shocking revelations also revealed that many people in the American society perceived bullying abuse as normal to the extent that nobody bothers to report such incidences. There was a reduction in emotion sensitivity to bullying thus making people live with bullying as a normal behavior. According to High, (2011), bullying in the US was a chain reaction. This was attributed to the fact that people have the belief that for one to be superior, he or she must have at least become a subject of another person at one time. Most dictators in the world once in their lifetime expressed the view that they were once bullied before becoming that superior. The report recommended introduction of laws that will ensure severe punishments of bullies and their accomplices.

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