Essay: The organizational model of conflicts

18 Oct

Essay: The organizational model of conflicts

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Thus to this case given that Bob and the female student of top- tier school were both under the influence of alcohol. It blew up and facilitated the occurrence of the conflict. This was aggravated by the overstaying of the conflicting parties into late hours.

The third issue underlying the conflict can be derived at using the organizational model of conflicts. This model lays emphasis on the fact that conflicts or confrontations usually occurs as a result of the boundaries or territories between social groups which are as a result of institutional structures. This forms basis on the four major tenets which are organizational, department, cultural, hierarchical level interferences(Kramer 2001).

Whereby by the virtue of Bob being the boss limits John’s intervening into the situation. This is with perception that hierarchically Bob is higher and has got power over John. Therefore it necessitates the act of Bob to tell John to scram and john to leave.

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