Essay: Organizational capacity

14 Oct

Essay: Organizational capacity

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According to Campbell (2007), he defines organizational capacity as the organizational potential to perform that is enabled by its ability to define and realize its goals and objectives in a more sustainable and relevant manner. Therefore, organization capacity development shall refer to the processes by which an organization effectively formulate and achieve organizational goals. Organizational capacity areas that need to be strengthened in a training intervention in order to realize the needs, objective and relevancy of training are: adaptive capacity that enables organization to learn and change in response to operational environment dynamism; and operational that aims at equipping the organization workforce up dated skills and knowledge to carryout daily activities of the organization (Baud, Gerick 1999: 150).

In order to have a meaningful and useful training, capacity development should be purpose-fit to the needs and environmental circumstances in which an organization operates. Capacity development has three levels of capacities that should be met by training intervention. These three levels are: individual, organization and occupational. It is important to mention that these three levels are independent. Therefore, training must capture each one of the separately and integrate them. Especially, the individual needs or characteristics that in relation to psychomotor, affective and cognitive domains of the trainee. Hence failure to address specific level is likely to result to skewed, unstable and inefficient capacity development. However, in order to determine content for each of the levels, training assessment needs ought to be carried out to identify the organizational, occupational and individual needs.

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