Essay: Strengthening the organizational capacity

19 Oct

Essay: Strengthening the organizational capacity

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Although training intervention is widely accepted as an important way to strengthen organizational capacities, training formulation precedes learning in the organization. Thus, training assessment needs is necessary at organization level to address; historical background organization’s learners (Baud, Gerick 1999: 218), work, strategy and focus, the structures of the organization, competencies required in learners, the expected outcomes of the training, the changes needed and organizational internal and external factors.

While occupational level should involves three main steps: task analysis that identify the task that people are going to do; identification of what workforce is capable of to determine the actual level of skills, knowledge attitudes and beliefs; and lastly identify the training needs that workforce cannot do. The level of an individual, Celinski (1983) highly recommends that interviews and questionnaires be used to asses the needs of the learners. Additionally, diary use for the trainer knowing level of education, consulting employees profile offer help and assistance in establishing individual needs in order to develop a more relevant and appropriate planning, designing, presentation and materials selection for the training intervention.

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