Essay: Value conflicts

Sample Essay – Value conflicts

For the case study, the aspect of value conflicts arises in the way that student values or belief system is not compatible with that of the recruitment team with that of Bob and John. It is evident that value of the student differs with those of the associates of Bob and John because the student asserts that it was wrong for the john’s recruiting team to have sent a wrong signal to her by staying long overnight. Therefore morally for the student, she thinks that by Bob and John overstaying indicates that they have an interest of recruiting her or sexual relation of which all her perceived interests bounces. This is not the case with Bob and John. This purely becomes a value conflict.

On the other side the conflict might have the dimension of the interest based. It is interest based conflict to some extend to the sense that there is an element of competition over perceived incompatible needs. In this sense, the interest resultant conflict usually arises from one or more of the parties believe that in order to satisfy his or her needs, (Rogers 2004) the needs and interests of an opponent must be sacrificed

. The occurrence of the interest based issues is on the basis of the psychological issues: perceptions of trust, fairness, desire for participation, respect. Secondly, are the substantive issues: money, jobs, physical resources, time. And thirdly, are the procedural issues that entail the way the way the dispute is to be resolved.

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