Essay: United Nurses Union Kenya

Sample Essay

The United Nurses Union Kenya chapter  (UNUKC) is an organization that is based in Kenyan that was formed after the 2007 general election which was ensued by post election violence where by more than one thousand Kenyans ended up being killed while hundreds of thousands were internally displaced beside the other who fled their country to the neighboring countries. The sole objective of the organization was to aid the victims of the political skirmishes by offering free medical check up and besides diagnosing them.

The group further focused on the preaching the gospel of peace to the all the peace loving Kenyans, however after a peace accord was signed by the two leaders, Honorable Mwai Kibaki and honorable Raila Odinga after mediations led by the former United Nations Secretary general, His Excellency Koffi Annan, the groups has got divided due to conflict of interest among its members who are all registered nurses. Though the group has a very concrete management headed by a chairmen, secretary general, and a committee of 20 members.

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