Essay: Neo-conservatism

15 Oct

Essay: Neo-conservatism

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Neo-conservatism is rather different, and involves a recurrence of conventional knowledge and approaches which were presumed to survive in a legendary past. Such emphases are obvious in the push for nationwide curricula, nationwide state-wide experimenting and an emphasis upon principles in education more in general. Apple notes down that these foci are important in the US, however they are equally evident in other nations throughout the globe, including Australia.

While neo-liberals mainly are in management in the conservative alliance, the second key component within the new alliance is neo-conservatism. Contrasting the neo-liberal importance on the weak state, neo-conservatives are generally guided by an idea of the strong state. This is particularly true surrounding matters of knowledge, principles, and the structure (Apple, 2005, p. 278; Hill, n.d.). Interestingly, the stress upon conservative knowledge and principles and values is also highly exclusionary; as Apple advocates, huge tracts of the populace would not observe their cultures, experiences and knowledge treasured in schooling backgrounds or resources, yet they are optimistic to ‘strike a chord’ to a golden era which never was. Simultaneously, the push for augmented control over the substance and procedure of teaching discloses how conservative strategies may lead to both strengthening in educators’ work, as well as a loss of independence and control over the nature of that job.

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