Essay: Neo-liberalism

15 Oct

Essay: Neo-liberalism

Sample Essay

Effectiveness and an ethic of cost-benefit evaluation are the leading customs. All individuals are to act in manners that maximize their own private advantages (Apple, 2005, p. 272-273).

The total project of neo-liberalism is associated to a larger procedure of exporting the culpability from the choices of leading groups onto the state and onto poor individuals. In the end, it was not the government that made the choices to take on in capital flight and to shift industrial units to those countries that have weak or no unions, fewer environmental directives, and oppressive governments. With their stress on the customer rather than the producer, neo-liberal strategies need also to be observed as element of a more widespread attack on government workforce. In education especially, they comprise an insult against teacher unions who are seen to be much too influential and much too expensive (Apple, 2005, p. 274).

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