Essay: Matrix management

15 Oct

Essay: Matrix management

Sample Essay

To respond to this question, there is a need to look at the performance of SMA: MEPD in relation to adopting matrix management. Fortunately, the case can be rated as a success looking from the results accrued to introduction of the matrix management. Matrix organization helped MEPD to improve coordination and significantly improve product development from a total of five (5) products between years 1988 to 1991 as compared to 1992 alone with 9 products.

Increased morale of the staff due to increased participation in decision making, increased commitment to the organizational objectives, increased capital and sales to SFr 150,640 million in 1992 as opposed to previous years before change where sales were below SFr 150,000 million.  This indicates that new products and coordinated function had significantly improved, evident by project teams, good conflict resolution approach and improved marketing.  Based on this evidences, it shows that the project matrix is the most effective.

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