Essay: Motivation can also be a managing tool

15 Oct

Essay: Motivation can also be a managing tool

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Motivation theory was also a managing tool for Michael. This theory bases its concepts on good cohesion between the goals of an organization, the purpose of the employees and the values necessary among the staff, working team and the organization as a whole. When the alignment between these is good, motivation is acquired naturally. This theory recognizes the fact that motivation levels amongst different individuals will vary from time to time with the existing situation and therefore different approaches should be employed with time change.

Various motivational techniques should thus be practiced from time to time (Newton, 2001). These would often include the use inspirational messages, motivational speakers and sporting activities within the organization program. The inclusion of games is known to bring forth creativity and innovation amongst any team owing to arousal of stimulus response which results are increased perfection in individuals’ respective fields. Organizations that acquire significant success are found to have embraced these techniques that make their workers to be more creative, innovative and initiative in doing things in new better ways without necessarily being instructed. The use of human body together with mind in new ways encourages practical thought and imaginative thinking, opening their minds to develop original and inventive capabilities (Brockner, 2002 pp. 56-78).

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