Essay: Management practices

Sample Essay

The facilitating components of my achievement and understanding of best management practices today are based on the knowledge gained from studying the fundamentals of management. These useful fundamentals and concepts of management are: principles that a manager should employ in order to be successful, clarity gained between leadership and management, learnt concepts of span of control and unity of command, and lastly is the management and leading theories which can now inform my practical activities of managing group, team or organization (Danny, Richard, 2005).

Despite this achievement in tangible knowledge, my conscious has been deeply informed that we are all managers of our individual budget or managing a large corporation. Secondly, being a good manager save time, energy and money, as well as bring you the satisfaction of handling situations effectively. Thirdly, by being a good manager I impact others in positive ways. And lastly, the big lesson I have learnt is that being a manager or a leader is not being a boss but rather a valuable resource in our personal and professional lives to enhance value and high productivity (Robert, 2005, p. 219).

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