Essay: The Manager`s styles in relation to motivation theories

19 Oct

Essay: The Manager`s styles in relation to motivation theories

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Michael in his leadership role put into practice various motivational theories. One such theory is the X-Y theory applied particularly in helping his employees find the jobs that suits them best. The X- part of the theory expounds into delegating mandatory duties to a worker and setting deadlines for accomplishment from a point of view that most people hate work and would therefore avoid it given chance.

The Y-part however is a contrast to X and identifies work as natural where people would put their effort voluntarily while self directing so as to achieve organizations objectives (Homans, 1958) In his effort to recognize the employees achievement, the manager ensured that that the workers were committed to their specific roles which subsequently lead to their goals achievement. It makes them have a sense of responsibility and accept the tasks given which presents them with the challenge of developing imagination and becoming innovative on ways to solve various organizational challenges, thus their maximum utilization (McGregor, 1981).

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