Essay: The end of communism

Sample Essay – End of communism

America is still the only remaining superpower (Krauthammer 2). The end of communism does not mean the end of war threats, and America is not actually an internationalist. Yes, some view the United States as having a multi-polar system, but in reality, it is unipolar, hence an opportunity for the United States. For example, the United States is positioned to ensure that the 21st century is conducive to Western and American values, which are considered liberal, by using its power in the Mideast and asserting itself in Asia.

This is because few states access the United States’ opportunity (being at the pinnacle of power) but can set the stage for the coming politics (Joseph 5).

The United States undertakes an effort to reshape the system in such a way that it benefits the United States, brings freedom to the world, bring markets in the world and creates a good future for humanity. Unipolarity was a fleeting condition as United States squandered its opportunity by over estimating its power and over reaching the world thus a hegemon.

Looking at the prosperity of Western economies and material stagnation in the Eastern bloc, the idea that the United States had to act to secure democracy and liberalism became true; thus, the United States became the hegemon (Krauthammer 9).

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