Essay: Making employees self motivated

15 Oct

Essay: Making employees self motivated

Sample Essay

Michael spent a proportion of his time in helping particular workers in understanding their core values so as to make them self motivated. Employees were made to know their purpose in respective posts in relation to their aspirations so that motivation was not necessarily derived from outside but rather from the inward of an employee.

For maximum human productivity, it is important that a consideration of individual`s self needs, opportunities and rewards is made. This helps the worker to access if the organization they are working for best suits their culture, team roles, and their desires in relation to their qualifications and dreams. On a point of note, Michael understood that lack of this would incline employees to feel wasted and therefore seek to employ their energy and skills elsewhere. When such a situation looms, it is better to find for a replacement rather than maintain an unwilling employee whom his/her output does not merge the company`s expectation. A manager is thus obliged to assist such employees in identifying a place that best suits them and the suitable replacement for both his/her own interest and that of the organization.

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