Essay: Limitations of the Research Design

18 Oct

Essay: Limitations of the Research Design

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Settling for a single respondent could result in a big bias. This is because the respondent could choose to give his personal views, which do not represent the real situation. Choosing to arrange for an interview without involving the entire security service could lock out a lot of information that is vital for the overall outcome of the research. Selecting the Mumbai and Toronto terror activities as research cases do not necessarily mean that internet services were obviously used although it is to some extent certain that they were.

Direct interviewing is expensive compared to other forms of data collection such as the use of questionnaire. This is because they involve many movements of the researcher to the respondent. However, it remains the most effective method for this research since many security details were involved.

Choosing to undertake the research by a single person could have hindered conformability of the findings. Involving more than one researcher in a study brings out the uniqueness of a study because of divergent ways of thinking. Conformability is the extent to which results can be corroborated or confirmed by colleagues (Denzin & Lincoln, 2003, p. 44). This problem was partially addressed by the fact that a Pilot Testing exercise was done. Dependability on the results could have been affected on the way since no repeated data collection procedure was attempted.

The use of interviews culminates to personal relationship between the researcher and the respondent implying that further consultations were possible even after data collection. However, this would be unreliable if interpretation and presentation has already been done.

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