Essay: Legalization of sterilization

Sample Essay

For instance, in 1924 Virginia passed a law to legalize sterilization of mentally disabled individuals for eugenic reason. In the follow up of events, three years later in 1927 Carrie Bell in was ordered to be sterilized by (Buck v. Bell) Justice (Lombardo 2002) Holmes Oliver, Jr. On asserting his decision, Justice Holmes stated that the decision was based on the premise that the sanctity of the gene pool for national good outweighed one person’s physical rights.  The main reason for the decision to sterilize Carrie Bell was due to her and her mother’s promiscuous ways, mentally slowness and her history of prostitution. The outstanding question remains the justification of denying a person the choice for her own birth options which is not fair (Witkowski 2003).

Sterilization to some extend can be seen to focus on a biased gender justice or Sexism. This is in the sense from Carrie Bell’s case, the forced sterilization were performed on women for unjust reasons (Witkowski 2003). These oppression to women meant that women should be chaste, while men were encouraged to be sexually promiscuous. Sadly, some women were sterilized without their consent and even worse at a tender age like below 14 without knowing, even having a child out of wedlock would have lead to sterilization (Mill 2006)

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