Essay: Leader in a Large Company

Sample Essay

In the case of a large company, it requires a leader to be objective in which it will be ensured that he is neutral in all the decisions he makes. In a large company, a leader is dealing with many and different types of people and this calls for the leader to have the trait of objectivity. With this trait, the leader is neutral and does not show any bias on one or a number of the group members but treats all of them with equality.

This will be able to build understanding among the group members and prevent conflicts which may be brought about by segregation and division of the members. On the other hand, a small company requires the leader to have the trait of innovation. This will help the small organization grow since the leader is able to innovate in to new kinds of businesses. A small business is very vulnerable to changes which lead to the close of most of the businesses if it happens that they are led by a poor leader. A leader with innovation trait will know how to incorporate changes in the business and thus ensure growth without facing resistance from the employees. Innovation in small businesses is driven by opportunity, necessity and ingenuity implying that innovation is inevitable. The best leader to deal with this innovation urge must have the innovation trait. Since there is limitation of capital for small businesses, an innovative leader will be able to apply the variation innovation instead of the fundamental innovation.

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