Essay: International relations theories

17 Oct

Essay: International relations theories

Sample Essay

It is evident that nationalism is a bigger way negative in today’s world. According to leadership theories in international relations, interest group opinions influence the way a country behaves in respect to the way information is relayed to them by these groups. Such groups include lobbyists (political) and the armed forces (Sissenich 2008 p.456). They act in a way that best suits them and strategically plan to maximize benefits from the opposing forces and keep it to themselves.

Positivist theory of realism, which focuses on power and security, only can as well be associated to this discussion. Political realists believe that politics is governed by certain laws thus necessitating good understanding of these laws (Sissenich 2008 p.454). Human beings will always tend to alter such laws when they are not working for them. Bureaucratic politics cannot easily penetrate a particular country undetected since most nations want to drive their politics in  away they feel is good to them.

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