Essay: Nationalism in face of globalizing national states-1947

17 Oct

Essay: Nationalism in face of globalizing national states-1947

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Since 1947 to hitherto, nationalism has been the main trigger of conflicts in many regions (Kamrava 2011 p. 22). Self-interests and determination are some of sub-forms of nationalism that has been used mostly to formulate beliefs as to why nations should fight for control over different territories. Despite the fact that religion plays a stimulatory role in many conflicts, many observers have always identified the vehement desire by the countries to have national determination as the main cause.

The fight for political and economic superiority has always formed a major point of triggering wars. Countries want to control trade in their regions with others even pushing for currency supremacy for instance in the ongoing tussle between the US and china (Bartelson, 2006, p.383). Politics have always shaped the economic platforms of various regions and therefore many countries seek to have the biggest participation and control of politics in a particular region.

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