Essay: Exposure to practical motivates the students

14 Oct

Essay: Exposure to practical motivates the students

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Another great principle which should be put into consideration by the student is practicing.  Exposure to practical motivates the students .The scientist states that the activities which are mostly repeated are easily remembered. In the field of medicine and the social sciences student who performs best are student who are able to practice what they are learning in class and put it in practice. This was confirmed by a scientist in the University of California who studied the relationship between the performances in class and compared with the work practices and practical’s carried out by the student.

The result of the findings indicated that that student who were working and those who had worked in health institution for attachment had gotten very high marks as compared to those students who spent their full time learning in class. The practice therefore leads to improvement. However, it must be noted that human mind is liable to forgetfulness, its capacity to retain information, evaluate and be able to implement and apply this concept. It is therefore liable to constant updating. In medicine the student learns step by step. The student will therefore review, recall and finally summaries. All this geared to make the student to remember the scientific and the social science terms that creates learning habits (Thorndike, 1998).

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