Essay: Significance of Peaceful and harmonious coexistence

14 Oct

Essay: Significance of Peaceful and harmonious coexistence

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Peaceful and harmonious coexistence among all human beings is central to the survival of mankind. However, peace can at times seem to be elusive as one looks at the numerous conflicts that arise in almost every day human interactions. Conflicts are unavoidable and are witnessed in families, workplaces, schools and even international disputes are a norm in today’s world. As such, it becomes critical to develop measures for restorative justice without the overreliance on formal legal systems. Mediation is one such form of restorative justice whose history can be traced back from traditional societies as highlighted by Augsburger (1992, p.190).

Mediation is one of the alternatives that are available to individuals or parties involved in a conflict. Just like in the past exercises of mediation, this alternative elicits great interest due to its capacity to empower involved parties in taking control of the resolution outcomes (Brigg, 2003). The process of mediation, which is ultimately voluntary entails engaging a third party who is obligated to work with the conflicting parties. This informal process is aimed at enabling the conflicting parties to come to an understanding favorable to all. Mediation is universal and it not only allows for the definition, clarification, separating, discerning, linking and reconciling of opponents but it is also an avenue for absorption of tension, suffering disagreements, accepting rejection and bearing the pain of opponents’ woes.

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