Essay: Punishments to students

14 Oct

Essay: Punishments to students

Sample Essay

Very thorough punishment should not be given to the student as this will greatly demotivate the student to continue with their work. The student also needs to be left alone to experiments in the lab and in the hospital so that they appreciate what they have learnt. This also creates the environment of interest and confidence to the student. For example, in health department the student are supposed to provide the health talks to the patient, participate in the immunization process (Hilgard and Bower, 1990).

This is a great asset to the student as it helps to instill confidence in student. The instructor is first supposed to understand the student in order he may be able to know what kind of instruction to give to the student. Giving very complicated instruction to the student not only does it demotivate the student but also create the environment of hatred of some health issues and to extreme cases can lead to hatred of the instructor.

The student are supposed to be handled nicely and not reprimanding the student when he does something the wrong way. This enables creation of an environment of correction and responsibility required of a student in the learning process. This increase the workers input in the service delivery

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