Essay: Educational structure

12 Oct

Essay: Educational structure

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The structure incorporates: a context; a keystone vision for enhanced values education in Australian schools; a set of principles for Australian schooling, based on the National Goals for Schooling in the 21st Century (1999); guiding ideology to support schools in executing values education; and key components and approaches offering practical supervision to schools in executing values education (National Framework for Values Education in Australian Schools, n.d., p. 1).

Neoliberal principles and practices are articulated in a number of ways, including through the substance of education offered, as well as by means of the way in which schooling is structured within civilization more generally. The former is apparent in the way schools and education offer employment-associated information, while the latter is apparent in the ways schools are structured to contend against one another, for instance through school voucher plans.

Neo-liberals are the one of the key components in the broad based alliance. They are presently in leadership in this alliance to modify education. Neo-liberals are the most influential component within the alliance sustaining conservative modernization. They are steered by an idea of the weak state. Therefore, what is private is unavoidably good and what is public is inevitably bad. Public institutes for instance, schools are ‘black holes’ into which money is transferred and then apparently disappears but which do not offer anywhere near satisfactory results. For neo-liberals, there is one type of rationality that is more influential than any other. It is economic sagacity.

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