Essay: Data Analysis on Women and Their Work

17 Oct

Essay: Data Analysis on Women and Their Work

Sample Essay

Following the study the article chose six archetypes which were observed to be common amongst respondents. It is through these common characteristics that the data collected was analyzed. The data analysis is not clearly detailed as the procedures undertaken in compiling and evaluating the various responses are not outlined.

The article immediately embarks on presenting the research results and findings. The six archetypes included fast-tracker, pressure cooker, relationship focused; managing on her own, fulfilled empty nester and making ends meet (Silverstein, 2009, p.49). With reference to each of these aspects, the article expounds on the factors which make women the largest consumers with regard to the products from the specific industries. Using these segments was instrumental in establishing the kind of consumers marketers in companies should aim to target. It is similarly advantageous to understand what consumers are looking for in the market and their specific needs.

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