Essay: Health Issues in Women Due to Work Stress

17 Oct

Essay: Health Issues in Women Due to Work Stress

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The effects go to the extent of interfering with the sexuality of women and sexual dysfunctions such as decreased desire and vaginal dryness. As outlined earlier, case of emotional problems may also arise such as depression, anxiety and lack of sleep.

Gastrointestinal disorders, for example, ulcers and lower abdominal cramps. In most cases, women undergoing work related stress will have more infections in form of colds and other infections due to lowered immune system responses (Greiner et al., 1998). As noted earlier, work related stress not only affects our physicality but also extends to our psychological realm. Indeed, it has severe psychological coercion. It is in the work place that busy schedules, arguments between colleagues or line managers with their junior staffs, accountants under pressure to settle bills or inconveniences as a result of traffic jam cause a lot of stress.

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