Essay: Cryptographic Computations

12 Oct

Essay: Cryptographic Computations

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Cryptographic computation is a technique that uses paired mathematically similar cryptographic keys. These work in the sense that the paired related cryptographic keys are ones that can only encrypt or decrypt the communicated information. In other words, if one related key is a pair is the one that can be used for encrypt the information, and then the other related pair is the one that can be used in decryption of that information (Jeffrey, 2000). However, if an individual know either of the related key, then he or she can calculate the unknown key.

Cryptographic computation uses two techniques to assure security. Public key that are used for encryption and the private key that is used for decryption. The public key is responsible for senders to encrypt the message they are sending making it confidential. The public key is computed or generated through use of systematic cryptograph by use of secret key algorithm (Philip and Marc, 1997). This is faster to use in generating a random key for that session for purpose of encrypting that information being sent.

On the other hand, private key is used to decrypt in circumstances where sender intends to prove to recipient that he or she is the source of such sent information and would go after mile to accept the legal implications for such message. Then sender uses private key to that digitally sign the information “digital signature” the digital sign is computed based in the message content thereby generating a district mathematical value using computation technique of message authentication or hashing algorithm (Jeffrey, 2000). The value obtained is attached separately or send at the end of the message.

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