Essay: Cognitive, emotional environmental influences

12 Oct

Essay: Cognitive, emotional environmental influences

Sample Essay

In the practice of psychology, the process of learning involves cognitive, emotional environmental influences. Positive attitude are key to excellence in education (Hilgard and Bower, 1990).This is geared to motivate the student and enhances the organization skills both in the work and in the learning process. Students acquire this skill which helps them to excel in medical field which is considered to be challenging. This eventually leads to the change of attitude enhance the individual concern to change his skills, values and behavior. The theory of learning assists the student to understand what constitute learning both in animal and in human beings. The students are now able to decipher vocabularies and understand the conceptual framework required for the interpretation of the examples given.

 Student’s attitude towards a particular course is very important in learning. The process of learning entails three categories s of theories important in solving the problems associated with it. Students are able to understand on where to look for solution. These theories are the behaviorism, cognitive and the constructivism. The scientists says that the behaviorism focus on the aspect of learning which can be observed.

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