Essay: How Communication is Done at Infancy

20 Oct

Essay: How Communication is Done at Infancy

Sample Essay

At infancy, communication is mainly done through reactions to or for certain stimuli. A child is able to respond to various forces that come their way with most one year olds and below only being able to vocalize but with intonation (Tincoff, 2001, p. 67). Behavioral aspects in communication and speech development are distributed long the ages with children being able to do something with time.

This sequential trend of language development leads to a final state in communication and speech regarded as normal unless otherwise. They can also respond to friendly or ugly voices by turning way from the or by fussing. They elicit most reactions by either trying to move or turning their eyes. This is an early stage of language development although it is one way meaning that a child has to be provoked to communicate.

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