Essay: Stuttering and Aphasias

20 Oct

Essay: Stuttering and Aphasias

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Fluency in speech is among the mot important parameters used to asses disabilities in language, speech and communication for that mater. Inability to talk fluently or smoothly is a disorder, which is shown by shuttering (Blevins, 2004, p. 99). The rate at which one releases words is another major indictor of this problem where an individual utters words sat a much slower pace. It is also characterized by massive hesitations, prolonged sounds, repetitions and complete blocking of verbal abilities and at times with no sound produced.


This is total loss of the ability to speak or understand a particular language (Blevins, 2004, p. 104). This problem virtually affects all forms of language and communication with affected individuals being unable to communicate or use a language for the same purpose. The problems result from a biological problem where the brain is damaged especially the left part which control speech. Speech language pathologists help such patients in understanding and using a language as it should be. The problem in children is most diagnosed by teachers and parents who happen to be with these children in most times.

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