Essay: Commission of the copy right office

12 Oct

Essay: Commission of the copy right office

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In order to prevent possible gaming of this system, the copyright office can commission market by market sampling by hiring organizations like ARB, Nielson and Comscore to cross check the download records with special attention to various small societies.

If the data is then compared using a pre-determined method; the compensation would then be distributed directly or through copy rights organizations to their several members. In the past various countries and jurisdictions had their own sets of regulations governing the issue of copyrights legislations (Patterson 212). However, nowadays they have been standardized in a way because of regional and international agreements such as the WIPO Copyright treaty and the Berne convention. Each nation possesses its own distinct laws and regulations on copyright but there are consistencies. Copyright is intended to bring about a dynamic culture and at the same time return value to the creators and authors so that they are able to lead a dignified economic standard and hence provide affordable and widespread access to content for the society.

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