Essay: Challenges Faced By Archeology

17 Oct

Essay: Challenges Faced By Archeology

Sample Essay

Archeology is faced with many challenges and as noted in International History Project in the sense, remains that are historical and evidence to past human societies are disintegrated over time and thus not present within archeological records.

Whereas surviving excavated remains have been stored through availability of favorable preservation conditions where they are located by region’s atmosphere soil or atmosphere. In regard to preservation, only durable and long lasting materials have made it through years. These materials include potsherds from pottery works, bones, building foundations, tools and teeth. In some special cases, objects with short life span have been found to be preserved. For example, flowers and fabrics were excavated in the celebrated tomb of Tutankhamun where in 1323BC the Egyptian pharaoh was buried. Tutankhamen remains a significant archaeological site even today as this tomb and its treasures were discovered by a British archaeologists Lord Carnarvon and Howard Carter in 1922 (Kohl 1998).

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