Essay: Fusion Centers

17 Oct

Essay: Fusion Centers

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However, most of them changed fundamentally after the 9/11. This resulted in what has come to be known as the fusion centers. Fusion centers differs conceptually from their predecessors due to the fact that they are meant to broaden sources of data which is meant for analysis and is integrated beyond criminal intelligence and it includes even private, public and  federal data.

Every ideal intelligence unit should possess a fusion centre in order to broaden the scope of local and state analysis and encompass counterterrorism issues and homeland security. Although they are expansions on existing sub-federal information/ intelligence activities, they represent a paradigm shift as pertains to issues of philosophy on the part of home defense and law enforcement. The rise of these fusion centers shows the fact non-traditional participants like public safety and local law enforcement agencies have become important partners in security and homeland defense. From the perspectives of law enforcement agencies, it has been widely agreed that regional and even state fusion centers especially when they are networked together nationally are a very proactive item which can be used against the jihadist mujahedeen’s which has got a centralized and decentralized elements in it. I support this system because the fusion centers help to fuse foreign intelligence with a wide spectrum of home based information with intelligence from the foreign sources. Thus fusion centers serve as a vital linkage or the translator of vital information for the state as well as the local authorities. Apart from providing important indication and warning in a counter terrorism sense, this process of fusion is applicable in responding to other types of crime and response to natural disasters.

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