Essay: Technology Plan for Schools

17 Oct

Essay: Technology Plan for Schools

Sample Essay

Essentially, technology plan is relevant after assessing the technology needs of school. Essential components shall include the mission geared towards student’s performance improvement, goals, funding plan, technology Acquisition Plan, Technology, Access, User Support Plan, Staff Training Plan, and Program Evaluation. Learners usually feel at easy and comfortable with technology when using it, thus, it shall act as an extrinsic motivator to the learners (Activating Learning in Every Classroom, 2006). Technological acquisition focus should be abilities to deliver technology-based instructional programs to support learner’s academic needs and institutional management needs.

The software and hardware are essential technology components that support teaching and learning in school today. Important hardware like classroom, library computers and laptops proves to be useful to learners gaining access to technology. Additionally, video camera, VCR’s, CD’s, digital and DVD’s (Wynne, 2007, p. 342) adds to hardware part of technology that improves access of student to technology that Provide access for teachers and students to the best teaching practices and curriculum resources through technology; hence improved student academic performance. It is a point of worth to note that, hardware construction and adoption should include aspect to carter for students with special needs including those students with disabilities.

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