Essay: Battle of Life and Death

15 Oct

Essay: Battle of Life and Death

Sample Essay

Conquering ones fear is excellently illustrated in the movie The Big Trail. In this Breck Coleman must lead his fellow villagers out of West to settle in a new home. However, before he leaves, his friend is murdered and the murderer is travelling with them.

 At any point, Breck fears that he could fall a victim himself, but he continues to lead, knowing that despite the fact that he could be in danger, he should not give in into the fear. The battle of life and death is an episode that the cowboy should enjoy and relish. This hard life is one that he has chosen, a life where a man has to be strong, independent and courageous.

The influence of conquering ones fear still permeates in our present society. It is because murderers are present in our society and their movement is unknown but despite of this knowledge, man has got to live on. Further, the technological advancements that man uses in this present society present various risks to life, but man uses them anyway (Odyssey 75). This shows that man has accepted the death destiny and is living a fearless life that sees him make various inventions that impact on his life in various ways.

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