Essay: Gap between research and clinical practice

15 Oct

Essay: Gap between research and clinical practice

Sample Essay

There are many ways in which the gap existing between the research and clinical practice can be bridged. One of these processes involves the combination of the evidence based research in to the procedures and the policies of the medical organization. This however may cause several issues in the operation of the medical organization. (Thomas and Pring, 2004). To begin with, there are many clinical studies small in size that have been published in the field of nursing and it would be a difficult job to do an evaluation of these studies in order for them to be sued for scientific purposes.

At some point, the task could be reduced whereby the published nursing guidelines reflect on the national medical standards. (Thomas and Pring, 2004). Secondly, despite the fact that the policies and the procedures of the medical organization can be changed in order to develop the most current guidelines that are developed in the evidence based research, the main problem that arise involves making the actual change to reflect the evidence based research in nursing field. For instance, it was traditionally accepted that the best method to test the nasogastric tube was through air removal whereas the current technology advocates for a radiology examination. (Thomas and Pring, 2004).

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