Essay: Approach-A Linguistic Theory

15 Oct

Essay: Approach-A Linguistic Theory

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As it can be deduced from above that, approach is a linguistic theory and to a larger extent a learning theory that is used as the main source of teaching methodology.

As a linguistic theory, it can be subdivided into three levels: structural, functional and interactional views. Natural approach proposes some objectives that they are more of guidelines than a stringent focus to attain. The objective is to give the beginner and intermediate learners some basics or survival communicative skills. Syllabus choice of the content revolves around comprehensible input beyond the current or immediate level of the learner. This takes a form of vocabulary that is determined to match the learners’ activities, experience and level of a communicative nature that is drawn from the requirements of a learner. Types of activities that are used to present the approach are similar to the ones that are used in above mentioned communication generating activities. Activities which use comprehensible input with a main focus on the meaning such as the use of contextual concrete illustrations and real pictures and objects is used.

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