Essay: 1st Panty Designer Mary Phelps

15 Oct

Essay: 1st Panty Designer Mary Phelps

Sample Essay

In 1913, Mary Phelps who was a New York socialite made her panty from two handkerchiefs and a ribbon. This woman must have been either too creative or too uncomfortable with whatever she was putting on earlier so as to decide to be an instant designer!

She began making them for her friends and family who spread the word around .A year later, Phelps obtained a patent for her panty design. By the end of the decade, they were made with sheer material and looser with flaps.  At that time, dancing was also a common favourite past time so the flappers were made with a belt at the garter to keep the women stockings from drooping. These flappers were the motivation behind the discovery of lingerie.

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