Essay: The American competent model-the implementation strategy

17 Oct

Essay: The American competent model-the implementation strategy

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Benowitz (1994) notes that the identification of roles and competencies required to super perform of the organizational tasks is complemented by the implementation strategy. The weight behind the recommendation of the implementation strategy to enhance a manual to guide successful adoption of competence model for the UAE organizations lies in the success story of the American Telephone and Telegraph (AT&T) Company and General Electric (GE) Company which employed the model together with implementation strategy.

In these regard, there is a seven phase implementation strategy that is aimed at smooth implementing the competent model. First phase involves agreeing on the need to transform the organization. This phase is directed from the top or self-identified by HR staff membership and secondly this phase is driven by budget cuts and downsizing threats; staff desire for new roles; customer demands for service; information and systems technology impacts. The second phase involves developing a statement and agreement of the new role. At this phase there is development of Mission, vision and values statement for the Human Resources organization and the other aspect at this phase the change managers need to integrate the organizational mission, vision and values statement. Third phase, involves identifying roles, competencies, and accountability.  The preliminary activities at this level includes: Articulate customer needs – including line executives and managers; Assess organization or culture needs; Validate results by interviews with high performing HR staff; Benchmark data with other HR organizations; and Build or adopt competency model for your HR organization.

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