Notion of Holistic Sports Coaching and its Potential Benefits and Drawbacks

31 Mar

Notion of Holistic Sports Coaching and its Potential Benefits and Drawbacks

The procedure of providing an adequate amount of training, guidance, and motivation to an individual who is preparing for any event, career or hobby is referred to as sports coaching. 

A sports coach can help an individual in becoming an outstanding athlete, in proceeding to a professional level, in improving his/her game or to initiate a sport. In recent times, the significance of holistic sports coaching has been recognized increasingly. The holistic sports coaching is the approach that considers all of the individual aspects of an athlete, such as, spiritual, emotional, mental and physical. According to this approach, the coach is responsible to help athletes in overcoming their challenges, to provide them care in their hardships and to build trust between them. 

Also, the most effective action plan must be selected, the options must be weighed carefully and each situation must be treated by involving all of the relevant variables. Various knowledge resources must be drawn by the coach along with an insight into utilization and amalgamation of them. Different strands of knowledge, such as the social, cultural, emotional and personal identity of the athlete must be integrated by the coach. 

The advantages of holistic sports coaching have been endorsed during the past decade. Beyond performance outcomes, holistic sports coaching help in facilitating the development and growth of the athlete as a humanistic approach. The uniqueness of each athlete is emphasized by this approach. As holistic sports coaching emphasizes on the building of trust between coach and athlete it would provide the benefit of transparency within the entire team. Authentic relationships will be easier to build when all athletes will be transparent. Since all athletes will be aware of each other inside and out, it will also help in addressing issues quickly.