Essay: Holistic Personality

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An effective approach in this regard has been to help the patients be able to identify the connections and relationships that enhance the holistic functionality of their being. This approach was considered because of the fact that the patients insisted on having no relations with nature and the Supreme Being as well. The issues that were important in enabling the patient to change this perception were the recognition of, for instance, how the food they consume reaches their table as well as how the clothes they wear are made.

For instance, the therapist would begin by explaining to the patients the interconnectedness that exists between the food consumed and the Supreme Being. Particularistic examples would include telling the client that the weather is entirely controlled by the power of the deity. Thus, he provides the rain, heat, and other factors that enhance the growth and survival of food crops. Strupp shows that the patients are encouraged to think being themselves and appreciate the role of other independent and external factors in their wellbeing (1996).

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