Essay: Benefits of Cyborganization

14 Oct

Essay: Benefits of Cyborganization

Sample Essay

The varieties of tools that are integrated to human machinery system bring expansion that alters the shape of the psychological processes which define a person. The alterations results to positive or negative effects. It is evident that the scientific fiction concept is beneficial to human beings who become strong, fast and powerful through the use of integrated technological components. The components have been integrated to correct body imperfections to address personal health problems. The cochlear implants which are interfaced directly to human nerve endings aids the deaf people hear again.  Another technology component is prosthetics which allows people with no limbs to perform normal functionsOrthotic and prosthetic technology has been used to restore the lost limbs.

There are several designs of orthotic and prosthetic technology which exists, they include: passive or cosmetic prosthetic devices, body powered prosthetic arm devices, myoelectric systems, dissipative prosthetic knees, energy-storing prosthetic feet and passive limb orthoses (Whiteley, Herr, and Childress). The ability to have body parts function normally through the aid of artificial components have greatly improved personal self esteem, dignity and freedom (Clark, 2003).

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