Increasing School Violence in America

25 Apr

Increasing School Violence in America

Over the last few decades school violence has increased at a rapid pace in America. There have been brutal incidents containing violence in American schools. Children as old as only 13 to 15 years have been responsible for mass murders of none other than their own class and schoolmates. The perplexing question remains that why such young children engage in such brutal crimes? What motivates them to resort to such brutality? Is there something wrong with the way they are brought up? Are parents of such children too ignorant that they fail to realize that their child could commit murder? Why parents of these children do not take their negative behavior seriously and seek medical treatment? These are some of the questions that we will attempt to answer in this article. Please keep reading to find out more information.

The Case of Thurston High School

In April 1998, a 15 years old student of Thurston high school killed his schoolmates and wounded several others in the cafeteria of his school before he was overpowered by few students when he stopped to reload his gun. His name was Kipland Kinkel and he was expelled from his school a day before the violent incident occurred because he was carrying a weapon inside school premises. Before heading to school he killed his parents.

When the matter was thoroughly investigated it was revealed that he was a victim of bullying. He was often targeted by his own classmates. He had a very troubled past and he often struggled to mix up with peers of his age. There was a time Kip’s family had travelled to Spain where they stayed for few years as teachers. Kip also had a very tough time there as well and he always struggled to get along with his peers. He often returned home in bad mood. On the other hand his elder sister six years senior to him always performed better than her younger sister. She also managed to mix up with her classmates and was more confident than her brother.

Kip also suffered from schizophrenia according to his defense lawyer but that was never accepted by the judge who was hearing the case and Kip was sentenced to 112 years in prison upon the request of relatives and parents of those children who were injured or killed by Kip that day.

There have been many such incidents that took place after this tragic incident such as tragedy at Columbine High School where two high school boys entered the school cafeteria and killed their classmates and wounded several others including teaching staff.