Is Euthanasia the Right Practice?

Is Euthanasia the Right Practice? Euthanasia is also referred to as mercy killing in which a person with a terminal illness is deliberately put to death. Nobody can understand the pain a person with a fatal illness goes through.

Is Euthanasia the Right Practice?

One of the most deadly and fatal illnesses is cancer. It is a deadly disease that can often prove to be fatal if not diagnosed and treated in its earlier stage. Over the years scientists and doctors have come up with different methods to treat cancer but uncertainty is still there even with high hopes that it can be cured if diagnosed and treated earlier. A person with cancer in its last stage has to suffer from excruciating pain and death does not come as easy. It is a very slow and painful death where a person has to die each day gradually with immense pain with no hope of survival. With such a fatal illness can euthanasia be considered a wrong practice? In this article, we will discuss whether euthanasia is the right practice or not considering that it is a way of relieving the pain of someone who has no chances of survival. Please continue reading to find out.

Euthanasia from a Religious Perspective

Some religions regard euthanasia as a grave sin and something that shall not be forgiven. It is a common belief in some religions that life is a gift of God and nobody but He has the right to take someone’s life no matter what the situation is. This concept also applies in case a person is suffering from a terminal disease. It maintains that no matter how painful the experience is for someone who is eventually going to die death should be natural and not enforced by others even at the request of the terminally ill patient.

Is euthanasia the right practice?

In my opinion, euthanasia is a right practice because from the outside no one can really feel the pain and suffering of a person who is suffering from a terminal illness. With chances of survival so minimum and almost impossible in case of cancer in its last stages there is no harm in deliberately putting the person to death if he requests. It shall relieve him from all the pain and suffering he may be going through for a long time. When there is no chance that a person will survive then why not help him and relieve all his pain at once. It can indeed be a very hard decision for family members and other close relatives but if death is imminent then why not put it to an end deliberately. For a detailed version of “IS Euthanasia a right practice” fill the form of Custom Essay Dorm and get your topic done in any academic writing you prefer, and at an affordable price.
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