Essay:Pros and Cons of San Andreas Fault in California

16 Oct

Essay:Pros and Cons of San Andreas Fault in California

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The paper has exclusively described San Andreas Fault in California and the formational processes including its geological timescale. However, the presence of the fault within the San Andreas Fault System and the surrounding environment has both benefits and short comes.

The good side of it is the aesthetic value of nature gained by both the locals and the foreigner visitors manifested through it wonderful and unique features. To mention, some of the features are linear arrangement of bays, lakes and valleys.

Furthermore, the fault zone has distinct landforms ranging from narrow ridges, escarpments and small undrained pond.  All of these features have both socio- economic advantages and disadvantages. The dark side of the San Andreas Fault presence within the region is its association to severe earthquakes that are disastrous to the socio- economic domain of the region and US at large. Therefore, more work should be directed towards not only the study of the San Andreas Fault, but also to the San Andreas Fault system for knowledge and to inform earthquake mitigation programs through mapping.

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