Essay: San Andreas Fault

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The past 38 million years ago, an offshore spreading center for ocean crust to form developed by East Pacific Rise.  The East Pacific rise as a new crust that has formed was pushed away from the center in both west and east direction. The resultant ocean crust that moved eastwards was the Farallon Plate that collided with North American plate and sunk into the sebduction zone of Franciscan (Atwater, 1970).

During the collision and subduction processes, the islands and sediments which were on the subducting plate were accreted and scraped off creating assemblage of rocks referred to as Franciscan Assemblage Terranes (Atwater, 3513). In the recent studies, it has been observed that the entire spreading center is getting closer to the North America plate which may result to the entire center to subduct (Gordon, 2003).

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