Essay:Physicians are not trained psychiatrists

10 Oct

Essay:Physicians are not trained psychiatrists

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However, on the other side of the coin the argument are considerably substantial to deter thought of legalizing doctor-assisted suicide. First, physicians are not trained psychiatrists. Therefore, the physicians who are given authority to grant euthanasia wish may not always recognize that the real problem is a treatable depression, rather than the need to fulfill a patient’s death wish. Second, there is a concern about the mechanism to be used in regulating doctor-assisted suicide in order to ensure that the weak, the demented, the vulnerable, the stigmatized-those incapable of consent not to become the unwilling objects of this practice.

Third, there are sometimes occasional miracles that patients do recover, and if their life is terminated hampers recovery by chance. Fourth, the slippery slope argument state that an acceptable action should not be taken because it will lead to a course of consequent actions that are not acceptable by society. For instance, legalizing doctor-assisted suicide might lead to such events as terminating of disabled elderly due to attitude. Thus, validating this law may turn our right to die to become our duty to die. Lastly, there is fear of weakening doctor –patient trust as people who rely on their doctors for health guidance may become confused and alarmed.

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