Essay: Pharma marketing techniques-Analysis and Evaluation

10 Oct

Essay: Pharma marketing techniques-Analysis and Evaluation

Sample Essay

Medical practitioners such as doctors, pharmaceuticals, governments and other law enforcement agencies, pharmaceutical companies, and the entire public that seek medical services are the major stakeholders in the industry. The government’s stake in the case is its responsibility and duty to ensure that their subject receive the right medical services they deserve. People have a right to a healthy life and proper medical services. The government also benefit through the taxes paid by other stakeholders in the pharmaceutical industry.

The doctors’ stake in the industry is based on the fact that for them to grow in their career and attain self fulfillment, they have to ensure that the sick people get proper medical care. Their salaries and duration of being employed would also be determined to a greater extent by the standards they maintain in the market. Expensive medical serviced would lead to a decline in customers due to very costly services hence low income. The pharmaceutical industry, research institutes and shareholders in the company have an interest of maximizing profits and making the highest gains possible in their various investments made in the industry. Unscrupulous and corrupt means being employed by the pharmaceutical companies and some medical practitioners compromises the integrity and ethical standards of the industry. It also leads to decline in the performance of most pharmaceuticals organizations.

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