Essay: What does Organizational training involve

14 Oct

Essay: What does Organizational training involve

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Organizational training involves identification of the target group with the organization that requires training, mode choice, selection and sequencing of the contents.

Identification of the training target group

Successfulness of the training intervention starts with correct participant selection. This simply because the training intervention will be rendered fruitless if the trainees do not put into practice the training when they go back to their functions resulting from wrong choice of the participants. Participants should be selected basing on the training assessment needs in conjunction with stakeholder’s analysis. In this regard, participants should reflect objectives, diversity, and context for changes that are expected. For instance, in some cases the entire department may be selected for training where there are changes in the processes regarding to that department. While in other cases, key person is involved for training for specific task or skills like C.E.O. or manager.

For relevant participant selection, following tips are necessary to offer a guideline for the selection process: based on voluntariness of the employers to apply, employees perception of the program suitability to them, suitability of learners background for the training and the timing convenience for training.

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