Essay: Weighting the Perceived Risk

Sample Essay

In order to ensure efficient and effective way of solving the mitigated risk, it is crucial that risk weighting is done. Risk weighting in the project management plan would enable the manager to assess the states and importance of the projects before deciding on which projects to accord more attention than the other. In the management of the project risk simulation, there are a number of factors that would have been utilized in order to ensure that more urgent and central risks to the success of the project plan are accorded more attention and the first priority to resolve the issues of concern given to them.

The presumed absence of the database manager and the change in the management needs and preferences in the project tend to be very crucial issues which if not addressed in a timely manner could paralyze the entire process. To begin with, categories of the risks would have to be assessed and their importance critically analyzed in order to ensure the actual risk and effect to the entire process fully understood.

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